KO’d by pensioner

Another week goes by… *insert further mind-numbingly boring time phrases*… and here we are!

If I’m honest, I totally forgot about this blog until someone liked my post on Facebook and I remembered the awkward encounter I had with him regarding last week’s blog. So thank you, for reminding me to expel all the joys and wonders of my week.

I must admit, it’s been a jam-packed week. Loads to talk about, which is good… I suppose.

Some important news with no relevance to anything else, we (my car and I) have reached the magic milestone of 66666 miles. I took a photo to prove it, but it is more of personal goal, so the excitement I don’t expect to be shared by the two of you reading this.

Also, since the start of the second university semester and from the time this blog became weekly instead of “daily”, I have noticed that conversations at university where something abnormal happens is often followed by; ‘that’ll be in the blog this week, won’t it?’ by one of my friends. Seemingly, my friends are full of elation and emotion to be featured in the blog. Oh I love sarcasm… such a useful linguistic tool.

I think I’ll go in day order this week, bit of a mash-up this weekly blog. Just as and when I please really, isn’t it?


What happened Monday? I can’t quite remember, maybe I’ll skip it? Thought process has gone completely blank here. Bare with…

Let me check the ol’ bank account. I honestly cannot remember what happened Monday, maybe my spending will bring some clues…

Right… that was completely pointless… nothing happened Monday, let’s move on.


Well, it was Valentine’s day, wasn’t it? Thing is, I don’t DABble much in this occasion of the year so it’s significance was really only that it was the halfway stage of the month of February. That’s it.

Our tutor at university is manipulatively evil, she made us do a presentation on Tuesday, knowing full well, that people celebrate Valentines… not saying it bothered me. Other than the fact, it was also my day-off. To soften the blow of this ridiculous ordeal, she bought krispy kremes, so I suppose that was alright.

My friend and I, after the presentations went to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford to accumulate the required presents for our other friend’s birthday. On a quick side note, I don’t use the names of people because (1) I don’t have the permission, and often I do these blogs on short notice and (2) I find it rather amusing getting text messages from people saying they spotted themselves in the blog and aren’t happy (jokingly, most of the time) with what I said about them. Back to this story… we got the main present and then went to get a card. At this point, we had forgotten that our other friend, whose birthday it was, had any form of social media, including snapchat. So… my friend took a picture of me holding a Valentine’s pillow in a card shop, and it wasn’t until we were on the tube home, we realised. Luckily, the surprise was still in place. More on that next.


Well… this should have been my favourite day of the week. Oh… was I wrong. It was ironic to say the least. Let’s just say… karma has a long hang time. More explanation on that on Thursday’s rendition.

Today itinerary was packed. Was, being the operative word. It looked something a little like this. Visit my best friend for a tea at our local Costa coffee, that bit went to plan. Next was going to university to attend a lecture on climate change delivered mainly by former President Nasheed of the Maldives. This part also went to plan. The next event, in essence went to plan… that was a commuters’ society dinner at Eat Tokyo in Soho… why I say in essence, because it did happen… it just caused a toppling effect of grand proportions. The final piece of the jigsaw was going to Hail Mary, a club night hosted by the student union to celebrate sporting achievement by QM sport’s team or to put it simply… a massive ‘piss up’. This part didn’t happen. Not even close.

The lecture was brilliant, beyond expectations. Initially I was only attending as “press” to cover the story by request of the Queen Mary Geography Society president, but I was truly stunned by the passion and vigour of Nasheed.

Next was the commuters’ society dinner at Eat Tokyo in Soho. There were hints this wasn’t going to well as a culinary affair before we even got on the tube from Mile End to Tottenham Court Road. Classic central line drama. Anyway, as we got down to platform level, waiting for the next train, we heard a phone ringing and truth behold, it couldn’t possibly be answered… why? Somehow, whether it was a prank (a very cruel one) or a complete accident… someone’s phone had managed to become lodged amongst the cables under the platform but not on the track. Literally beneath the platform at track level, there are a bundle of cables that run parallel to the track, the iPhone was sitting face down ringing and ringing and ringing. I didn’t have time to alert the Mile End staff of the situation at the time. But when I came back, I told the staff so hopefully, the owner has been found. Very bizarre. What’s worse? There was a woman standing near us that instead of, in an effort to aid the situation, got in the way just so she could take a photo on the phone lying there. Perfect, thanks for helping love!

When we got to the restaurant, I ordered what I thought would be a safe bet. A standard chicken cast curry, just like I would have at Wagamamas. Safe it wasn’t. I (with the help of friends) ended up eating all the chicken and was left with the curry, vegetables and sticky rice. I decided to use my initiative and realised the power of my situation. I had food, in the centre of the West End, where there are hundreds of homeless, braving the winter weather. The food was fresh and, at the time, I thought I wasn’t hungry that’s all. So I boxed it up, walked with one of my friends along Tottenham Court Road and met a woman, she had been homeless for 4 months and was in the situation because of an abusive relationship. I felt safe talking to the woman, mainly because I wasn’t alone, but I wasn’t there to hurt her, only feed her. I gave her the food and I was on my way. I felt proud, that’s one thing ticked off my bucket list for sure. Giving food that I have paid for, that’s fresh to someone who could use it a lot better than a rubbish bin would use it for. Two good deeds in one night… something had to go wrong somewhere.

It did… as soon as I got back to my friend’s apartment, I felt uneasy. I barely engaged in pre-drinks and I felt sick from the offset. I ran into my friend’s room and chundered in the toilet. Spitting image re-evolving in my head. Making me feel a bit queasy as I type this. Breathe, breathe, alright I’m okay. I headed home instead of heading out, considering we had a 10am the next day, I wanted to get some rest in my bed rather than the stone-cold floor.

What a Wednesday… never again… too much on.


I felt ill. That’s about it, I left early. Fun.

But I also published the article I wrote on former President Nasheed of the Maldives. If you would like to read the story, you can do so here, over 100 views now: https://medium.com/@danialnaqvi/noble-nasheed-inspires-future-actors-on-climate-change-b954126f3a7b#.t7qq4p55t

It was extremely well-received and the proudest moment in my journalism career to date. I was told the president read it and spoke highly of it too. I couldn’t be more proud. Finally got my good karma. Thank God.

Not going to stop at this… still got those national magazine articles to finish. Big things on the horizon. Hopefully…


If you study at QM, you’ll know about the havoc in Mile End Sainsbury’s. It’s an absolute nightmare. I tell you what, the queue is somewhat like the snake game we used to play on the ol’ Nokia 3310. It’s silly. Clever, nonetheless. It weaves past the bakery section, through the confectionary aisle, past the alcohol and onto the tills. The amount of impulse buys must be a joke, I say that because I have been tempted, too few many times.

It was at this point that a pensioner nearly floored me. I was walking over to the self-checkout, at this woman being served at the manned tills, had a spasm and her left leg jerked outwards. She kicked me into oblivion. I was dazzed. Literally, came out of nowhere. I was so disorientated, I tried to muck around with the self checkout… which let’s be honest, you can’t do.


Dead day. Done.


Simply, I waved goodbye (more like see you soon) to my best mate on his three month travel, if you want to follow his journey, I’ll link everything you need below. It was emotional, but I’m proud of him and I’m glad he’s confident enough to take this leap of faith.

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That’s it for this blog. Sorry it’s late, but better late than never. Some of you are subconsciously tell me to stop these. Haters gonna hate.

I’m out