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Not in the way you think it is…

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In September of 2018, I began my first of 90 days of software developer bootcamp. I had just recently turned 28 and recent events in my life helped me decide to quit my job (as an e-commerce brand manager) and pivot into being a dev.

My only regret? I wish I had done it sooner.

When I was a kid, I used to think becoming a developer was hard. I thought it required lots and lots of effort to learn. I imagined forcing myself to read technical manuals…

Even the most well-designed, cleverly thought-out system will always be as vulnerable as the individuals who compose it.

I was speaking with my wife about politics, and she was catching me up on Trump and his acquitted impeachment charges. Suddenly it struck me, this sounded very much like a 51% attack in the cryptocurrency world!

Let me explain…

Reviewing Trump’s Impeachment

Here are the highlights of the impeachment charges in case you missed them as stated by BBC:

Firstly, he’s accused of seeking help from Ukraine’s government to help himself get re-elected this November.

Sometimes you get lucky and the train is empty during the day!

After nearly 3 months in Portland, here’s what I know about the PDX public transit system…

The Portland public transport system also known as “The TriMet” covers approximately 533 miles and as the name implies, covers 3 metropolitan areas: Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas.

My TriMet experience focused on the southwest area of the system.

Because I stayed in Beaverton (southwest of Portland), I only used a small section of the TriMet system.

Nevertheless, the data in this article will help anyone get around TriMet.

I typically took one of the two following routes:

88 Bus > Blue/Red MAX

  1. Take the 88 bus to Beaverton Transit Center.
  2. Take the Blue (to Gresham) or Red (to the airport) MAX Light Rail into Portland.

62 Bus > Blue MAX

  1. Take the 62 bus (to Sunset Transit Center) and get…

I’ve been realizing that is pretty hard to spell.

Decryptionary is even harder to spell when you’re at a networking event, in a loud bar, in NYC.

Weeks ago, I bought, but that’s not an easy name either.

I’ve been wanting to find an easy name that rolled off the tongue.

I’m pleased to announce, that I now own

Google Trends results for “crypto define”

I’m thinking I should make a landing page for that domain with a really simple explanation of crypto…

That or switch my domain to and make the domain for my dictionary…?

Please share your suggestions in a comment below.

And why a bitcoin wallet just isn’t enough

Protect Cryptocurrency — Stick-Figure by

After purchasing your first cryptocurrency and diversifying your investment into altcoins, protecting your investments should be your next priority.

Normal computers are not very secure. They can have viruses and other bugs which allow people to spy in on you and your information as well as make forced changes to your computer.

As mentioned in intro to crypto, cryptocurrencies distribute the responsibility of verifying and recording transactions to any number of computers. This system is known as the “blockchain”.

The distributed recording system is commonly described as “immutable” because once data is verified and recorded it becomes permanent and…

What is bitcoin? It’s digital money. It’s the new gold. It’s hot and everyone wants a part of it.

This article is for those who are yet to understand the cryptocurrency world.

By the end of it, you’re going to either love crypto or hate it.

Love Bitcoin — Stick-Figure by

Let’s start with “currency”

Currency means “money currently in use”. US dollars, European euros, Russian rubles, and the Japanese yen are all government created money known as “fiat currency”. “Fiat” just means an official order or authorization.

For approximately 4,000 years and across the globe, people used shells known as “cowries” as currency. They were beautiful, unique, and could not be manufactured.

Later (almost 2,000 years ago), in and around Egypt, wheat was used as a…

Discover how to invest in altcoins from bitcoin in 5 minutes with this visual walkthrough.

Invest in Altcoins from Bitcoin — Stick-Figure by

In my earlier article entitled, How I Bought My First Cryptocurrency, I showed you how to open an account with Coinbase and buy your first crypto. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to diversify my investment into other alternatives to bitcoin, also known as “altcoins”.

Now that we both have bitcoin, I’m going to show you how I created an account with another exchange and bought altcoins. An exchange is a place where something of value can be traded. One of the purposes of an exchange is to ensure fair trades are conducted.

NOTE: You must have bitcoin to continue…

Discover how to buy bitcoin in 4 minutes or less.

Buying My First Crypto — Stick-Figure by

In my first article I introduced you to the subject of cryptocurrency. Moving on, I knew I had to buy some of this odd digital money.

I checked out bitcoin’s price only to find a single coin costing multiple thousands of dollars. I did some Googling and discovered there are other alternative coins “altcoins” available at a wide variety of prices, each offering a unique value.

Having selected a couple of altcoins I wanted, I needed to figure out how to buy them. The following is the simple process I took in buying my first cryptocurrencies.

Please note, nothing…

New to crypto? Check out this super simple 6 minute article.

Confused About Crypto? — Stick-Figure by

Cryptocurrencies aka crypto have been the hottest news in tech and finance. You can regularly find them being mentioned on the news, while binging on Netflix and maybe from a skeptical friend telling you about bitcoin’s price exceeding $6,800.

I really only discovered this odd, new money in the spring of 2017, and immediately was overwhelmed by dozens of technical terms.

I’ve since come to the conclusion that there are 2 reasons crypto has not expanded 10X:

1) There are hundreds of misunderstood terms used to describe cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

2) There are very few user-friendly apps and websites…

Apogee ONE

Got clicks, snaps, pops or artifacts while recording? Here’s a simple fix.

I got an Apogee One Black for my Macbook approximately 5 years ago. I finally unboxed it today to record some audio and hit a massive problem.

The internal mic on my Apogee ONE wasn’t working. Any sound I made created clicks and pops.

I spent the better part of 3 hours trying out other USB cables, Googling the problem, testing for grounding issues, testing different recording apps…

It was INSANE.

Finally I found the problem and the solution was just 3 clicks away…

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