Apogee ONE Internal Mic Not Working?

Apogee ONE

Got clicks, snaps, pops or artifacts while recording? Here’s a simple fix.

I got an Apogee One Black for my Macbook approximately 5 years ago. I finally unboxed it today to record some audio and hit a massive problem.

The internal mic on my Apogee ONE wasn’t working. Any sound I made created clicks and pops.

I spent the better part of 3 hours trying out other USB cables, Googling the problem, testing for grounding issues, testing different recording apps…

It was INSANE.

Finally I found the problem and the solution was just 3 clicks away…

Fix for Apogee ONE internal mic not working
  1. Plug in your Apogee One into your computer.
  2. Open Apogee Maestro 2.
  3. Click on [System Setup]
  4. There’s an option to adjust your Sample Rate. By default, Maestro 2 was 48 kHz, select 44.1 kHz.
Now do a test recording, it should be fixed!

Final Notes

Apogee Got Back to Me

They said that it’s a known issue with Sierra. Check out the article below.

My setup includes:

  • 2013 Macbook Pro Retina running macOS Sierra
  • Apogee ONE with bundled USB cable

Why 44.1 kHz instead of 48 kHz?

An audio engineer friend of mine, Jake Isham said that 44.1 kHz is a technical term relating to the quality of the audio recording and that these “kHz” have to do with cycles. and 48 kHz spins 4,000 cycles faster than a 44 kHz.

That’s why I’d hear the clicking, the gear and my computer weren’t matching up.

If that didn’t fix your problem, check out this Apogee article on grounding noise.

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