Idiots Everywhere — meme

Idiots Are Everywhere

Ever feel like an idiot or that stupidity is excessively rampant? Read on.

Dani Amsalem
Oct 14, 2015 · 5 min read

Frustrate someone enough and they are liable to call you an idiot. Make a silly mistake and suddenly you are dumb. Misunderstand verbal instructions and God help you, you’re stupid.


Some of you might know that historically, dumb meant someone who was silent because they were physically unable to speak. But “dumb” originally meant a person who was so dizzy or confused that they couldn’t speak.

Deriving from an Old English word, “dumb meant unable to speak, which came from Germanic “dumm” meaning silent and stupid. The earliest version was from an ancient European word, “deub” meaning dust, smoke or darken.


Stupid” traditionally meant someone who was struck or beat senseless. This person was so stunned, amazed or confused that they lacked ordinary mental abilities and looked foolish.

Deriving from the Middle French word, “stupide which meant struck senseless and before that from the Latin word, “stupidus” meaning amazed, confounded and foolish. The first version was the Latin word, “stupere” which meant to be amazed or stunned.


These days an idiot is used to mean a stupid, reckless person. But originally, “idiot” meant an ignorant, uneducated and private person.

Deriving from a similar Middle English word which meant an uneducated person, it later came from the Latin word, “idiota” and meant an ignorant person. Before that it came from the Greek word “idiotes” a private, ignorant person.

Dumb, stupid idiots are actually ignorant, uneducated and confused people

If dumb, stupid idiots are actually just ignorant, uneducated and confused individuals, what is the underlying reason for that?

  1. If one does not understand the terms and basic concepts used around him, he is ignorant.
  2. If one does not understand the sequence, process and outcome of things in his environment, he is ignorant.
  3. If one does not understand the relative value of things in his environment, his is ignorant.

Being an idiot is not an innate state. It is an uneducated and confused state.

In conclusion, it is clear that being an idiot is a state that one can shift into and out of.

Failure to understand does not make you an idiot.

Failing to understand someone makes you feel like an idiot, but that is a false concept. All that happened was you misunderstood one of the 3 things above — terms, sequence or relative value.

Have you ever explained something to someone and though it started all right, a few minutes later he was completely lost?

For example teaching a new driver how to operate a car with a manual transmission. First you tell her where the brake, gas and clutch pedals are. But she doesn’t understand what a clutch is, so when you ask her to press in the clutch and shift gears, you get a horrible grating noise.

Slower this time, you tell her to press the clutch and then shift. Hoping for better results you still get an awful grating noise.

Y U NO LISTEN?! — meme

Instead of getting uber frustrated with the new driver, make sure she understands what it is you are asking her to do. Does she know what a clutch is and how it affects the engine? What about the rest of the terms you used? Once she’s got those down, explain the process again.

Like magic, she will now be able to shift gears and drive — success!

Creating an Idiot

Creating an idiot is simple.

  • Make a person feel bad every time they ask a question. Smash their curiosity and interest into bits.
  • When the person does or says something, locate some flaw in it and point it out with the intention of making them feel bad. Oh — And laughing at their mistake is a bonus.
  • When you do educate the person, give them false, incorrect and inapplicable data that they cannot use to improve their life.
  • If you can make a person feel like an idiot long enough, whenever he is around you, he will be an idiot.

Resolution to Idiocy

The resolution to idiocy is a simple twofold process. The first part is your attitude towards him and the second is a basic education that addresses the person and his environment.

  1. Know he is a valuable member of your group and treat him as such. Know that he is an intelligent person who is confused because of a poor education and harsh environment.
  2. The basic education you provide for him should include things such as:
  • The names and descriptions of basic objects around the home, his school and work.
  • Ask him what he would like to know about how machines and systems work. My suggestions include common things like cars, Internet and electronic devices.
    Also explain the processes of intangible things like correct manners when dealing with others, or how to get a job or how to get into a relationship.
    These explanations should be simple, sequential and with lots of visual aids like images or videos.
  • To address the third aspect of ignorance, you should consult the individual’s wits. Find out what is valuable to them and ask why. Let them ask why things are valuable to you and answer them in simple, kind terms.

Handling ignorance and confusion is easy

By and far the easiest answer to ignorance and confusion is to be angry and frustrated.

Anger is easy, but the kinder, more challenging behavior is to be patient and kind when working others. It’s not always easy, but try. Complete perfection might be impossible, but what is life without a few challenges?

Imagine living in a community of intelligent people who are considerate in their interpersonal relations.

A community of intelligent people who are kind and offer patient help to others is ideal. You can contribute to that, one person at a time. Treat each new person as an intelligent individual, and be patient when working with him.

There are no idiots, only confused, uneducated people.

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