To those who have ever had to fight for the love of a parent..


If you were ever made to feel insignificant, that’s what you should fight, that feeling right there.

Fight the urge to call yourself worthless.

Fight the tears that threaten to pour from your eyes and down your face.. Tears that flow from your broken, worn out, heart.

Pick yourself up and stand up for yourself.. Stand up against that wall that they pushed you up against. Stand up for your opinion, your rights, your morals, your freedom, the essence of you.

Fight back.

Never let anyone, including a parent, define your self worth. Rise above the insults, the slander, and the pointless lies.

You are better than that.

Braver than most, you and I.. Why? Because we have struggled with the rejection for long enough. Even one second of it from someone who is supposed to love you unconditionally, can be a monumental moment in our lives. Not in a good sense.

I am here, telling you, my fellow survivors, we are good enough. We are loved by others. We have golden hearts that shine like no other. We are going to be okay.

And if you have someone telling you to forgive and forget, which so many like to do in regards to it involving a parent.

Don’t listen to them.

Life is hard enough as it is.. Don’t allow them to make it harder.

Fight back. Come back stronger. Be who you really are. And smile, my friends.



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