A Note to my Kinfolk


You woke up to a new hashtag/video/mourning family. Somehow, you still have to function normally… go to work, take care of your children, cook dinner, pay bills, etc. You may know what masks to wear to make it through the day. You may even be numb to it all, because there’s a chance that a new hashtag/video/mourning family will surface by the week’s end. I don’t have it all figured out, but I will say this:

Please protect your spirits, hearts and minds. Hug your parents, kiss your babies, and uplift your spouses. Tell your people that you love them; that they’re beautiful and worthy. Don’t get sucked into respectability politics, the erroneous “black-on-black crime” trope, and social media debates with individuals who have no intention of shedding their bigotry and ignorance. They will distract and infuriate you. Log off and unplug if you need to. Write on it. Pray on it. Yell, scream, cry. Mobilize with your community. Do what you need to do to function. Whatever it is, I hope that it includes self-care. Celebrate #BlackJoy, always. Joy IS an act of resistance and it has been key to our resilience.

Rest in Power, Alton Sterling + Philando Castile.