LinkedIn is dead. Long live LinkedIn

#LinkedInRIP — A common phrase on #LinkedIn of late. You probably see this in your feed at least once a month. And it’s hard to ignore the reasons why. When inundated with maths quizzes, inspirational quotes and life events that some could argue are more suited to Facebook, the point of LinkedIn starts to seem a little vague.

But is it indeed dead? Microsoft doesn’t seem to think so. And following their purchase, LinkedIn will no doubt be the biggest thing in business networking, with more and more services fuelled by the platform finding their way into our daily working lives.

So, when reviewing how relevant LinkedIn is to you, consider this for a challenge… are you using it in the right way?

Forget cosmetics

How much emphasis do you put on a number? How important is it for you to have thousands of connections and that vital 500+ badge on your profile? Where is the value in having lots of connections you never do business with? One of the quickest ways of making LinkedIn more relevant to you is to review your network.

Clean your feed

Urgh! Another maths quiz or IQ test. Lame right? Well, if the content sucks and you don’t want to see it anymore, tell your feed and hide it by using the menu options in the top right of the post. Is this content coming from a repeat offender? Then consider unfollowing them from the same menu. And if this person adds no value to your network, disconnect. They don’t feel it!

Lead by example

Fed up with seeing pointless posts? Well that’s all well and good, but do you interact with the content that is relevant? Or do you, like many of us, passively read the content and then let it pass you by? How about some interaction? Give it a like. Share the best. Better still, start a conversation. Add in your own point of view. Be brave. Be a firebrand.