LinkedIn networking. The insanely honest guide you need.

I’ve written at length on the power of LinkedIn networking. How it can help you establish your own professional brand and aid in business development.

But we’re busy people. We don’t have time to read all of that!

So instead, here is whistle stop tour of the main points to remember.

Yes you need a picture.

A professional one. Not one of you hugging your cat or white water rafting (unless you’re a vet or in the extreme sports business of course). Overcome your shyness and take a bloody photo. It won’t hurt.

Take the time to write.

Start with your summary. Tell your story. Take your time and do it properly. Write in Plain English. Write in the first person.

Once you’re done with your summary, fill in your experience and take the time to provide a little background. Tell readers what you did. What you achieved. What you learnt. Go further than “Account Manager at BlahCo”.

If you do it right you’ll only have to do it once. Ignore this step and you may as well not be on LinkedIn.

Don’t want to network? Don’t use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a network. Refusing to connect is the equivalent of turning up to a party only to stand in silence facing the wall wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Pointless.

Connect with people. Colleagues, clients, prospects. Follow inspirational professionals and companies. Join groups. Get involved!

Invest in making it work for you.

Urgh! Another IQ test in your feed. FFS! Another motivational quote.

Not interested? Then get rid. Select “Hide this particular update” or for repetitive bores, “Unfollow”. Make your feed your own by moderating what you see. Hide certain types of post enough and you’ll eventually stop seeing them altogether.

Go one-step further. Share and comment on content you find useful. The more you use it. The more useful it becomes. Shock horror!

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