My favourite apps that are probably news to you

A completely random collection of my favourite and most used Android applications. Yes Android!


I am forgetful AF. If I don’t write something down as soon as I think of it, it’s gone. This condition, and I’ve decided that it is a condition, is compounded by the fact that I sometimes forget where I write things down. Or I lose my notebook. That is a sad day.

Enter Todoist. A simple app that works across all my devices, meaning I can drop an idea or an action from anywhere, and it’s instantly populated everywhere. This is an essential.


OK, you may have heard of this one. Google is everywhere afterall. Did you know you could keep tabs on your web properties from your phone. This was news to me until recently and, in honesty, this is a game changer, making the management of web properties on the move a piece of cake.

Wendler Log

I love to lift. And recording your progress is nearly as important as turning up in the first place. But I’m forgetful (see above). This log keeps me on track, tells me what to load on each end of the bar, records my progress, presents me with charts and targets. If it out in anymore effort I’d have nothing to lift.

Pocket Casts

There are many podcast apps out there, but for simplicity of use, Pocket Casts is my go to system.

In addition to being a delight to set up and use, discovering new podcasts is also aided by the app, with an awesome opening screen that features new and trending, keep you thirsty for more. Perfect for a podcast addict like me.


Everything has an app nowadays. I’m surprised apps don’t have apps. This comes very close. But in seriousness, the social aspect of gaming is a little more tricky to manage on the Xbox One Console. Sure gaming with friends is easy enough, but anything where you have to type is a nightmare without buying accessories that I refuse to buy.

This app overcomes many of those issues for me, making navigation of my Xbox community as easy as Facebook.

Maybe I should just buy a headset though.


When I’m not listening to podcasts, lifting or playing games, I read… and not just comic books.

Goodreads connects me to other like minded readers, helping me to discover new books to devour, based on my activity. Far more convincing than Amazons recommendations. And once I’ve finished a book, I’m emailed with details of the author and suggestions for my next book.

Reading game on point.

Those are my favourite apps? What are yours? Share!

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