Things Men Have Said While Auditioning For Me
Allison Page

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that your job is turning into more of a problem if it gets to the point to where you feel the need to write an article about sexist men that have auditioned for you.

The topic is so specific that it makes me wonder if there’s literally anything else you could have written about.

But the article was good enough for me to click on it. I generally never read articles sent to me through email, but this one looked interesting and I was right. I’ve never read anything from the view of a judge for auditions, and I’ve never even thought about it.

None of this means anything coming from me, though. I’m twelve years old, so everything I say is automatically invalid because it’s slightly negative and a good excuse not to listen to me. I’ll go head back over to the LeafyIsHere channel where I belong while I eat some Doritos.

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