I Belong Here

I spent a night at the forest with a few friends. We lit a fire. We roasted potatoes. We made s’mores. Got intoxicated. Danced. Screamed. Cried. Slept. We fell asleep under the stars, hoping that we could achieve what you would usually see in the movies. Our blankets were incapable of keeping us warm when the temperature dropped, and we ran to the car for comfort and warmth. I woke up to a steamy car, with condensation on the windows. I lit a fire, and proceeded to fall back asleep next to the fire, lying on the ground, with my body against a log. I felt nothing but pure comfort.

Somehow the thought of something I wanted so badly but could hardly grasp slipped into my drunken mind that night. I wailed, uttering words that no one could decipher, not even myself. I remember someone stroking their fingers through my hair to comfort me, and that quickly put me in a pacified condition. Funny enough, when I woke up that morning, my mind was completely at ease. I was delighted at the sight of trees, the sound of the creek, and the crispness of the cold air. The juxtaposition of my two different states of mind, just within a few hours away from each other, make me laugh. The mind is a beautiful thing. It’s a very complex thing.

Spending the night at a place where I was completely unaware of my surroundings was great. Putting myself out there (literally) was well needed as well.