Finding Ahimsa and Inner Strength

soooooo… Ahimsa, as I just learned from my Humanities Seminar class, means harmlessness, and the unity of all life. It is a term coined by Gandhi and it is genius. We must LOVE our enemy like ourselves while still maintaining our dignity and integrity because ultimately we all want the same things out of life- we just go about it in different ways (paths). As I have started working my second real job ever at In-N-Out in Novato, CA (Sept 17) I have begun to really push myself and learn what I AM capable of! I, like so many of my fellow humans have potential that is still undiscovered. I am learning to make shakes (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and neapolitan), call out orders through a microphone which I was never really comfortable with (hearing my own voice projected in that way), sweeping the dining room, and taking orders (having my own drawer!). I love that my managers (Ricky and Isaiias) trust me and believe that I can do this- with my smile and bubbly personality! I feel like Ahimsa and believing in myself will only pave way for more success and inner happiness! I am standing my ground and no longer allowing just anyone to boss me around or personally getting upset when someone criticizes my work or technique. I am choosing what type of energy to enter my life.. WHO is important? WHY?

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