“grayscale photography of group of people hugging each other” by Hannah Valentine on Unsplash

I miss those moments when there was no day we didn’t talk about many unimportant things to each other.

You’ve got many new friends now who are closer to you than I am, friends you meet almost every day. You look happier with them.

I should be happy about that but I’m sorry for I’m sad knowing it’s not me making you laugh anymore. Almost no story shared anymore.

I don’t know what you’re doing and what you’re going through. You’re such a busiest girl in the town. No story shared anymore and maybe it’s true that I’ve been replaced already. You post many tweets every day. I read it, I see it. I know you’re there tweeting but I can’t feel you.

We don’t even say hi. We don’t get any problem. We’re just not as close as yesterday and it makes me sick, of course.

Ah, I’m just being too melancholic. But I think everyone will be over melancholic when they talk about best friends and loss. The loss of friend actually.