Virtual Reality (VR) Creeps Me Out
Evan Guerra

“Every-time I see a person reading a good old fashioned book. I smile. Hope is still alive.”

Nothing beats a good old (and new) real book made with paper pages!

“VR will be an all too easy escape from reality.”

Spot on, Evan!

And it infiltrated us so insidiously — we are losing our ability to think, especially original thought. And free will as you pointed out. VR and equivalent is comparable to a joint — gives you a quick fix.

In our yearning for the latest, and the creation by consumerism that we need this next big thing to be “really and truly happy’” we buy into the lie and become sheep, mindless sheep.

It’s bad enough to see everyone’s eyes and fingers glued to their handheld — now you won’t even see them-now we can hide behind massive contraptions strapped on like diving goggles.

Virtual nothingness.

Sheep that have stopped thinking.

Hallo to real reality. But reality is hard. Stop running away. Face it. Challenge it. Change it. Impact your world around you.

Thanks, Evan!

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