On Faith, Failure and other Foibles

Stop philosophizing—act! (A poem)

Gamboling through the forest: white-tailed deer —

prance proud, scale snow bank, rotten trunk, no fear

grants steadfast gaze: hunter, friend, foe or doe

face summer’s bounty, hunger, blowing snow

With glee beyond the doorstep newest year

carefree, cucumber cool — apparent cheer

knows only onwards, to tarry is to

dither, dally, doodle, perchance die too

Blessed and burdened, if not cursed, with knowledge:

we philosophize ‘bout faith — kept hostage;

theorize, prattle, twattle, oh so wise

all talk and tongue, tangential thinking guise

Until, unless, forced to face no option

rugged raw reality, dejection;

morality, mortality, pounded

down, nose and ego crushed, no trumpet sound(ed)

what say you now of faith my friend? Whose fault

or failing, sin, or crime — the swine! Default

to apathy — the new normality

Rise up! Succumb not to brutality

Yonder frozen forest floor, aspen, Jack

Pine, the blackened birch, the furtive stag backtracks,

flags its tail and snorts — surrender never!

Bolt bolder: He holds your hand forever

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