Final Project at The Iron Yard

10 weeks have passed and I have now reached the point of building my final project at The Iron Yard. The single page application I am building with my partners (1 front end dev, 1 back end dev) is a Silent Auction. Name tbd, but we have a few ideas…

The purpose of this application is to provide the moderator of the auction (our main user) a tool to store auctions, items, and actually run the auction from the application. It should have membership access that will let the moderator launch an auction that is specific to them. From there, we will be using text message integration so that guests may bid on items with a simple text with an id to specify the item they are bidding on. The item view page will then run a real-time feed of each guests’ bid so that the moderator can monitor the item and even publicly display the feed to the guests.

We have a lot of ‘Ironing’ ;) out to do, but the gist is there. We are building this application with React framework along with Ruby for API purposes. I’ll post more as progress follows!