Ah… finally away from Backbone for the last couple weeks. Backbone is an awesome framework and a great introduction to working with MVC’s, but React is tool that fits perfectly in my tool belt.

UI patterns that are starting to stick in my head are most explicit with React, in my opinion, and this is especially good because they repeat themselves throughout the entire process of building different applications. Some of these patterns include posting messages, retrieving messages, giving an idea to the message, replying to the message, ‘liking’ the message, and other interactions.

This kind of data can be applicable to other sections of an application. Take for example a message. This message is represented as ‘x’. ‘x’ has 3 likes. Now say that ‘x’ is also an item in an online store. ‘x’s ‘likes’ as a message can also be transposed as quantity if it were said item. ‘x’ can also have added properties like a value; ‘x’ has a variable quantity of three and a constant value of 5. Once that information is submitted by the user it does some stuff and can be presented as a new object; a shopping cart.

This is a really simple example and the reason I wrote is because to me it’s important to take simplicity and rearrange it’s pattern’s to continue the discovery of uses for it when building applications.

Stay tuned for less vague React/Redux thoughts…