The Holidays were spent building my portfolio while chipping away at my to-do list for my final project at The Iron Yard (watching Making A Murderer in between). The day has come to wrap up the code I’ve written and package it in a beautiful display for a demonstration tomorrow.

I’m anxious to meet employers but after having immersed myself in a life-changing learning environment for the last 14 weeks, I. AM. READY. My project is a silent auction application that lets guests bid on items via text message. The moderator can see a live feed of bids on specific items under created auctions in their account. The moderator will then close the auction an the guests will be notified of whether or not they won.

I am most grateful for the experience of working with a team. I found a lot of joy in facing each day’s challenge and tackling it together. This experience has shaped my personality and thought process and I could not be more happy.

Looking forward to demoing our project and thanking the good people at The Iron Yard for caring enough about programming that they are willing to teach it.