Onam Exchange
Globalizing Seamless Trading

Cryptocurrency is infiltr
ating the economy at a staggering rate. Individuals, corporations, merchants, importers, exporters, wholesalers etc. are all are all getting onboard because of an array of advantages.
Crypto has become the most favorable currency for most aspects of trading as well as asset storage. The reasons for the rapid growth in this phenomenon are clear to all who have stepped into the world of crypto.
Peer to peer trading on a token based system is effective and fast as tokens are available immediately at the point of completing a transaction.
Crypto is most certainly unparalleled by any other means of cross-border trading as it completely eliminates the conversion of currencies and the risk of incurring all types of hidden charges.
Crypto has made the process of brokering far less risky and more accessible to individuals as well as businesses without the fluctuation of interest rates and the common rejection of viable clients by traditional institutions because of glitches in standard paperwork.
Crypto is the means for the entire globe to come together with a single currency that speaks to everyone.
For the serious investor there is no better alternative to crypto. It is safe and secure and readily available.
Real Estate
With real estate coming onboard with purchasing as well as rentals and vacation rentals, it has empowered individuals to become home owners without the exorbitant fees of the middleman.
This very exciting innovation does not come without concern and a great deal of uncertainty and obstacles for all involved. As more and more companies are embarking on token based platforms, the variety of tokens are growing exponentially and more than often users are unsure where and how to utilize their tokens outside of a certain platform.
It has become almost inevitable for individuals to find themselves holding more than one token of a different variety.
ONAM has identified with this problem and is introducing a platform with the purpose of bringing the world of crypto together and globalizing seamless trading in one platform. Mass adoption is vital for smooth transition into this rapidly growing innovation by means of introducing standardization in digital asset trading.
The priority targets at ONAM begin with security as unfortunately cryptocurrency exchanges have opened a whole new area for hackers and fraud. ONAM intend to provide a platform with the highest possible level of safety and cybersecurity by means of Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Trade Surveillance systems that were developed by ONAM specifically for this platform.
ONAM understands the intricacy of consumers, merchants and investors needs and desires and have therefor decided to take a personal approach to their support system and communication by means of Live Chats in a multitude of languages which will be live 24/7 to assist with questions and give aid and advice where needed. This in itself is an elevation in standards regarding the traditional automated responses that leave everyone feeling exasperated.
The ONAM platform promises to be extremely fast with the capability of processing 10+Million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds which is unmatched by any other platform.
As part of the ONAM platform, OTC Trading will facilitate buying and selling of assets for institutional investors and traders of any size within their ecosystem without adding the volatility of the market.
ONAM will be offering the ERC-20, ONAM Token which is based on the Ethereum network during its ICO. Ethereum has proven to be the dominant party within the market with its reliable Smart Contracts and consistent mining.
ONAM tokens are vital to utilize the full capabilities of the ONAM platform and will enable users to save on trading fees, unlock features and utilize various market scanning tools.
ONAM is most certainly serious about providing their users with the best support, highest level of security and far superior overall experience. They have gone through great lengths to facilitate the required standards and the ultimate transparency within their platform, leaving no room for error. To ensure full compliance they are committing to Quarterly Third Party Audits of their security protocols, architecture, matching engine, code and order books. This is most definitely a key factor for any experienced and new investor when considering all the options out there currently.
After extensive research into this formidable innovation and scrutinizing every bit of information available on ONAM, I can say with confidence that this is a platform I will enter into without reservation.
For in-depth information regarding the ONAM project please visit the ONAM website
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