Freelancing Talk with Ed Bremner

Notes about freelancing as a photographer

  • Dealing with the financial aspects of your work makes the biggest difference
  • Making a living by selling ourselves, either our services or something we create
  • Harlan Ellison — LA Screenwriter “Why would you call me and ask me to do something for nothing, do you get a pay check? Yes! Would you go to the gas station and ask for free gas. No!”
  • If you want to make a living, you need to get the right attitude of not doing things for free
  • When you’re starting out, its the time you feel most sensitive and when you’re being pushed to work for less. This is not professional.
  • Once you get a degree, nothing will change. You may as well begin being professional now


  • What are you worth?
  • What are your skills financially worth?
  • “I am desperately against internships within the arts industry”
  • If you take on an internship, understand that it is experience based and not financial
  • For example — 25 years ago a Vogue front page paid £70 — but it wasn’t about the money — it was about the publicity of shooting a Vogue cover and having it in your portfolio
  • You do not need to be the cheapest person in the market to get work
  • When an agency sells your work, they sell it for your fee plus 20%, if you charge less, they make less, if you charge more — the 20% VAT is higher
  • Cheap work could insinuate that they are not good enough for the job
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