What insurance do you actually need?

If you are planning on having your own company, then it is important for you to have business insurance. This can range from professional liability to coverage for your equipment. Since your whole business runs on your equipment, that last one is especially important.

The link below is a good guide to the world of insurance.

Public liability insurance is a must for all photographers. It is very important to get suitable cover. Public liability insurance covers a photographer from 3rd party property damage, loss, injury etc. In essence, Public Liability insurance covers damage to another person or property.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover for your professional negligence, for example if you failed to produce the work due to equipment failure. It is essential for photographers to have especially for those who photograph one off events such as weddings.

Equipment Insurance covers loss, theft or damage to photographic equipment. It is important to have cover for photographic equipment as the cost of replacing these items can be very expensive and your whole business runs on your equipment.

Employers Liability Insurance covers anyone working under someone elses care, whether they are getting paid or not. This is important for any photographers who have employees or a photographer who also has an assistant working with them.

Cyber liability is a relatively new type of insurance but covers photographers in cases where they are using cloud-based storage and offers financial protection against loss of images caused by hardware failure or hacking. Cyber liability also covers loss of data such as USB memory devices and also any issues with social media.

A good company to get insurance from is Photoguard, which explain all these policies in more depth.

These are things to think about when becoming a self employed photographer. Information regarding these can be found on many websites and prices vary depending on who you go through regarding the insurance.

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