Talk from Max Ferguson

Writer, Curator and Editor of Splash and Grab Magazine

  • You have to be multifaceted and work in different ways to work in the industry
  • Advises that if you are taking portraits of someone, then only take it if you are feeling equal to the person that you are photographing
  • Magazines are cheap to make and cheap to buy so a plausible and affordable way of seeing work. In his opinion, it’s the best way of viewing images in print form.
  • In his opinion magazines are the most natural way of converging text and imagery as they meet together more naturally in a magazine rather than in a photo book. Multiple photographer’s projects can be curated and presented at the same time.

Splash and Grab

Inspired by Photo8 Magazine (In print until 2011) and Colors Magazine (1996), both of which are documentary photography dedicated magazines. He noted that today, there aren’t many magazines dedicated to photography and so set to fill the gap in the market.

Instagram Takeovers

Instagram takeovers are where an account (for example for a magazine) lets an artist post their own work for a certain amount of time, allowing them to present it how and when they want. They are a good idea and an interesting way of presenting work. It gives the photographer the freedom to edit how they want. There are no risks attached, even though the photographer is not a curator or an editor (therefore does not specialise in making an edit) the magazine etc is not spending money on a chance the artist will make good decisions or not. It is an unlimited platform.

Work that interests Ferguson for Splash and Grab is something that doesn’t have to be particularly strong, but is something that the artist clearly shows passion for. It allows for a new narrative to be made if the artist shows they care about what it is that they are photographing. In Splash and Grab, Ferguson gives the opportunity to new and emerging photographers, and only publishes work that has not been published elsewhere.

Contact Info:
@splashandgrab (Instagram)

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