Mindy Kaling confirms reunion of hit series “the Office (U.S.)”

Daniel Berkley
Mar 31, 2017 · 2 min read
pictured above: Mindy Kaling, one of the main writers for the series the Office (U.S.)

Beverly Hills, CA., March 30, 2017 — After nearly four years off the air, the Office is still a very popular series that is talked about across the globe. It turns out the fans weren’t the only ones who were sad to see the series end, the cast has also been making posts on Twitter and Instagram that hint at a possible reunion.

Jenna Fisher, the actress who played the Office’s “Pam Beesly-Halpert”, recently found a script in her belongings from an episode that was never completed. She posted the photo on Instagram for her fans, while captioning “I was cleaning out my home office and found this unproduced script from the Office. The episode that never was! Idea: let’s assemble the cast and shoot it!”

Additionally, the Office’s own John Krasinski, recently admitted he would do a reunion “In A Heartbeat” in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Kaling — one of the show’s writers, star, executive producer, and presumably big fan in general — spoke with EW about the decision to do a three part series that will give the fans the answers they desperately crave for the “Where Are They Now”. The first part will focus on Steve Carell’s iconic role, Michael Scott, and his new life in Colorado. The second part will focus on Fischer and Krasinski’s roles as TV’s most popular couple, Jim and Pam, and their new life in Austin. The third part will focus on Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute, and his life on his beet farm as well as life in Scranton, PA and who now occupies the Office now that so many of the original characters have moved away. Kaling hints that she will be a big part of the last part, and that fellow writer and star B.J. Novak will also make an appearance.

Although there is no official air date for the new episodes, Kaling stated they will be aiming for the Summer of 2018. There is no confirmation yet whether or not writer and star, Paul Lieberstein, will return.

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