Lessons from Basecamp’s “REMOTE: Office Not Required”, and of course, the COVID-19 world crisis.

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I struggled quite a bit in deciding whether this was good timing to review this book or not.

Please allow me to elaborate.

REMOTE: Office Not Required” is a book about working remotely and the wonders it has not only for employees but also for employers as well. Many companies in the world do it, and there are benefits all across the board for those organizations that take on the challenge and end up reaping great fruits.

I work at a company that does not allow remote working. …

How Thaler and Sunstein brought awareness to corporate and public responsibility

Amidst the COVID19 widespread and the stressful situation that the world is going through, we found time to provide you with yet another entry of popular wisdom acquired from the books.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at “Nudge: Improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness” by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.

With that being said, grab your masks, hand disinfectant and let’s get to it!

To start discussing this, I’d like to spend some characters describing a couple of critical definitions so that we can then discuss more polemic matters in terms of those definitions.

What is a Choice Architect?

Those who have…

An inside look into Adam Grant’s Give and Take

Hello hello hello!

You’ll be surprised to see the calendar right now because it’s only been two weeks since our last publication. Whoa… The world must be coming to an end if we’re keeping up the pace!

Today we’re thrilled to share about a fantastic book that came across since a while back in various of our previous reviews: Give and Take, by Adam Grant.

First off, let’s start from the beginning:

Giving vs Taking

This is a concept that becomes of importance once we acknowledge the fact that success and happiness are greater goals that, at one point or another, critically depend…

Overexplaining Lazlo Bock’s intended pun

Welcome to another book review.

This time it didn’t take us 7 months to publish the review so we’re pretty proud and excited.

Today we’re going through Lazlo Bock’s “Work Rules”, which is mostly a compilation of his experiences as SVP of People Operations (AKA, HR, for everyone else) in Google.

This book is many things, and at the same time, is only one.

You can distill the entire book down to a list of rules that the author kindly puts together for us on page 348. By all means, we’re not at all saying that this book was not worth the read. On the contrary, it was absolutely wonderful. But it is nonetheless, a list of rules… Work Rules, if you may.

That being said, today’s review is going to…

Lessons from Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

Hello hello hello!

It’s been a while since my last book review because I’ve been crazy busy after joining Rakuten EXPRESS as a PM earlier this year. Although to be honest, I didn’t stop reading during these past months. It was only the reviewing that was put on hold, so maybe you’ll catch influences from other authors in this and the upcoming reviews.

And… What you came here for

It was fun to see another chapter of Sinek’s exploration of community building and impactful leadership through clear meaning. …

Become an undisputed expert in your field, and then charge people to access the different tiers of your knowledge.

Hey there, welcome to another book review.

Today we’re talking about Chris Anderson’s book, “FREE: How today’s smartest business profit by giving something for nothing”.

As a Product Manager, I found this to be a tremendous piece of knowledge for product discovery and online marketing.

Published in 2009, the book might strike you as a little bit old, (especially since technology progresses in accelerated dog years), but its message has aged absolutely well and that’s what I found to be the most fascinating aspect about it.

The author does a magnificent job explaining in plain English dozens of different ways…

Book review on Chip and Dan Heath’s, Made to Stick.

Welcome to another book review.

Today we’re taking a look at a beautiful book by the Chip and Dan Heath, on how to transform our mundane ideas into sticky, memorable ones.

As a product manager, I find myself constantly going back and forth between user stories and development road maps, that are ultimately brought to life by teams of people with ideas, beliefs and opinions.

This book offers quite an actionable framework to improve the way we pass down our ideas to our teams so that we can create an environment where our vision of the future is both explicit…

Lessons from Ed Catmull’s Creativity Inc.

Welcome to another book review.

I’m thrilled to continue sharing thoughts on the books that I read so that just like I did, you too can feel inspired to pick one up, devour it, and then spit some of that wisdom back to the community.

As a product manager, I find myself at a point in life where, in an effort to learn how to navigate my own professional challenges, I’m studying the lives of legendary business managers who have experienced the most complex situations and came out triumphant.

Today we’re talking about Edwin Catmull’s auto bibliographic narration of how…

Welcome to another book review.

I’m excited that you’re here because that means that a part of you is considering reading this book, and that is the first step to actually doing it, which would eventually make you grow a little bit more as a person and fellow human.

This review is FILLED with spoilers (which in the case of non-fiction book reviews is actually a good thing), so please enjoy them.

You have only one job after you’re done reading this review: you need to point out a mistake on it and let me know on the comment section

Daniel Cardona

Product Manager @ Rappi, ex-Rakuten | Reading as a habit and putting it to practice | www.danielcardona.co

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