My last post

I am just about to change my life, and I want you to join me. This is my first post on Medium, but in a way it’s also my last. It’s the last post I write before the my life changing experience of posting this. This exemplifies my thinking, and I think a lot. I have so many ideas I ponder on every day, I think it’s time I start sharing.

I am a content creator by nature. When I wake up I write a journal. When I bike I take pictures. When I am in the office, I write mails, or comments about what I read. And I love to save. In the cloud I have half a terabyte of photos, mostly taken on a mobile phone, from the last 13 years. And on Evernote I have taken 825 notes since 2013. My notes are an eclectic mix, but the title often reads “Thoughts xx.xx.201x”. However, there is an element missing.

One of the thousands of bike photos

I have been over this in my head a lot lately, and I really like feedback. Sometimes I don’t immediately appreciate it, but I try to always grow and learn from it. I want to share what I think, and how I feel. I want to build an audience and eventually a community. I want to receive feedback, and I want to give feedback.

However, putting my mind out on display is scary. Of course I want the positive comments. I am even willing to take all the constructive feedback, even though some might feel personal. But this endeavor carries the risk of being unfairly criticized. Luckily, the endeavor has never been easier.

Today we can record our every movement, thought or heartbeat. We just strap on a watch, or a belt or some glasses. With the introduction of the AirPods its even fashionable to talk to yourself on the street. Not to mention the upcoming GoPro Drone. I am not sure what kind of tools I will use to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas with you, but I will make sure that I make it honest and true. If you want to know what I’ll write about, I guess you got to stick around.