Our First Experience with Interns — VR Startup EEVO

My Winternship at EEVO changed how I perceive startups and virtual reality. — Eram Manasia, City College of NY

Women in Tech NY (WiTNY)

WiTNY is driven to significantly increase the participation of women in fields related to technology around NY. One of the ways they are doing this is through a 2–3 week paid Winternship in which 200 undergraduate CUNY women are paired with companies throughout the city and assigned a technological challenge.

The Challenge

Our three incredible Winterns, Eram Manasia (City College of NY), Michelle Chiquitero (Hunter College), and Alanis Lugo (Hunter College) were given the challenge to create a Virtual Reality app/experience, which contained interactive video and spatial audio in 2 weeks.

The Experience

My two colleagues and I had two weeks to complete a VR app. We started off with a image of goku on a sphere. We then transitioned to videos, spatial audio, and head movements. We now have an app that allows you to experience two horrific videos and a spaceship based on the doors you choose. The programming aspect of this internship was challenging but rewarding. Being able to see our app work by the end of the internship was the best feeling ever. The app was difficult to create even for an experienced programmer like me, so this experience allowed me to realize the importance and purpose of EEVO’s product. — Eram
The project we were asked to take on was really engaging and intriguing because it was like nothing I’ve done before. Building an application in Virtual Reality was an opportunity I was glad to take on. My other two co-workers were amazing to work with, we had our coding struggles but we had Jake, our mentor, to help us out and constantly be there when we had questions. The process itself was a congenial experience because not only did I learn different elements from Java a new language for me, but I was also able to show my creative side when it came to constructing the app. — Michelle
Working on the VR app was the most in depth experience I have had with coding and computer science. I became interested in learning computer science around a year ago, and I have only taken one semester of a computer science class thus far. While I knew that I wanted to go into this field of tech, I did not know what job exactly I was interested in. Working on the VR app and working directly with code showed me that there are many different branches of computer science. — Alanis
VR App Presentation from the Winterns

Working at a Startup/EEVO

I was kind of hesitant to work with a startup but also excited for this big change. A startup is like a team in a big company. You work as a team on one project and that allows you to focus on the product at a higher degree. A startup gives you a chance to bond with your colleagues like we did in two weeks. I no longer feel hesitant to work in a startup thanks to EEVO. — Eram
Upon arriving on my first day, I was early and I was somewhat nervous about meeting everyone and making a good first impression. However, to my surprise, it was a warm welcome and it was a major relief off my shoulder when I realized how close everyone was. Because it was a startup, it was smaller and made it seem similar to a family. Especially with the fact that everyone was constantly reassuring me and my fellow co-workers to not be afraid to ask questions and if I had any concerns to just mention it to the team. In fact, that’s exactly what I did, besides the analytical computer science part of the company I wanted to learn more. The crucial roles every member of EEVO plays whether it’s marketing, legal, management etc. I asked about all kinds of roles and what it takes to perform each of them. I wasn’t expecting to learn more than the computer science analytic side of the company but I did and I was exposed to all parts of the company with the help of these mini informative meetings EEVO was able to provide.
Overall, I’m glad and thankful I got to be apart of the EEVO team for these past two weeks. Everyone was so sweet, kind, caring and made my first internship experience enjoyable. The working environment of the company was positive and always welcoming which is something I admired. I came in thinking I was just going to do some coding but I came out learning how companies work, how to network with others and even received a new sweater!— Michelle
Everyone is kind and friendly, and since the company is not that large in terms of workers, you can tell that everyone is passionate about what they are doing. All jobs play a big role in the workplace. — Alanis

Virtual Reality

Using the VIVE felt like being in a completely different world and I realized how cool working in virtual reality must be. — Alanis
Sometimes the best thing is to keep no expectations with evolving technology. It changes in seconds. Before coming to EEVO, I had no idea how powerful virtual reality is and I am forever grateful for this experience to open my eyes. Virtual reality lets you not only tell a story but also allows people to experience your creation whether it is through videos or games. — Eram

Overall, this was an incredible opportunity to help grow the community of women in technology and we are very excited to see what these brilliant women and WiTNY will do next!