Repeal Day in Massachusetts

Today is Repeal Day — marijuana is now legal to own and use in the state of Massachusetts.

And I am angry.

For decades, there has been a prohibition on this herb — it’s prohibition remains enforced in Federal law.

Can it be accurately counted how many lives and dollars were lost to marijuana’s prohibition throughout the decades? It seems incalculable.

Is it unreasonable to conclude that after nearly a century of prohibition, billions were spent on this “war on drugs”? It’s been a war that lead to the militarization of the police. In all probability, it destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives across the country over the decades — perhaps even millions — imprisoning people, many of whom would otherwise be tax-paying citizens.

“The War on Drugs” was promoted as a just cause, while overlooking the grave injustices that prohibition creates. There are other ways other than flat-out prohibition to keep kids off of drugs that are more effective. And more humane.

The price for prohibition far outweighed its merits, and its puritanical underpinnings. You don’t need to be a pot smoker to appreciate that it has been a bad, immoral law that ruins more lives than it “saves”.

And then, one day — today — prohibition just stops. No parades. No fanfare. No apologies. No justice.

Just a quiet, democratic admission from the majority of the people of our little Bay State, amounting to: “Oops. Well, sorry about that drug war thing. It didn’t work so well did it? Let’s move on now.”

And so, The Great Prohibition goes out with a whimper. Not with a bang. What a infuriating day.