Gamifying the Delivery of Money
Daniel Jeffries

One question: why…

Why would you need to reinvent the wheel? Why a new blockchain (when we have Ethereum), why a new savings token (when we have Bitcoin), why the whole shebang…

I admire the enthusiasm, but really, crypto doesn’t need inventing, it’s already invented. And while some of the ideas are pretty cool, there is a reason they haven’t been implemented yet.

Gamifying the delivery of money is problematic because games can be, well, gamed. MMORPGs are full of farmers and bots. Thousands working slave hours “playing” World of Warcraft… There are humans on the planet whose actual job is to solve CAPTCHA prompts for spambots.

And if distribution is gamified through “your” app, well… you’ve just built another centralized system. Council of elders or no.

And besides, chill. We still have gold necklaces, jewels and stuff. There’s plenty we can use as currency. A dictator with a blockchain is no worse than a dictator without one. It’s the grains and meat that you eat, not the bitcoins.

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