Dressing up a landing page into Pantone colors of the year

Every year one of these lucky colors got picked as Color of the Year at Pantone

Landing pages give us more freedom, right? Not just freedom to break out from main website structure and navigation, but freedom to step over some of the branding constraints as well. Freedom to test just how much we can get away with, as long as the page visually matches the ads.

Well I have this landing page for prototyping mobile apps, and the ads that lead to it are exclusively on the Google Search Network; they’re text-only and that leaves me with as much visual freedom as I’ll ever get.

I first built that page using a blue color scheme. The best blue I could find. Aaand it instigated a nudge or two, from friends I asked to test the page. Nudges made me go looking for color scheme inspiration, and soon I was faced with a world of options. Somewhere in the midst of figuring out which palette to start with, a click led me to Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017. First thought: they have that?

Well, Pantone is the authority on color so why wouldn’t they have that! They’ve been having it for 17 years! Now, how about those colors as a starting point… hang on guys, I just may have something here.

An hour later, thanks to SCSS, my landing page could get re-colored so quickly that I was only held back with how fast I could pick complimentary colors with Color Scheme Designer. I may or may not have done the best job with that, but would you look at what beauties I had before me:

Ahem, yes, some of those green buttons are ugly from a bird’s eye view. I swear they made sense in actual size!

Oh, how I fell in love with that emerald! So what if it’s so 2013? Until I arrive at a conclusion that I have to include multiple color schemes in A/B testing, the emerald stays. [As you can imagine, it has no touching points with my company’s branding guidelines and if the page is suddenly not emerald anymore that’s because I got scolded, made to change it and made to go stand in the corner]

Thanks for sticking with me through this post! If you’ve found it the least bit useful, please hit that green heart icon. It’s almost emerald, isn’t it?

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