Ivan is a copywriter at web.burza. He just participated in a 24-hour quarantined Young Lions competition. I am about to ask him what he did for the competition, and he is about to spring back to life.

Anja recently transfered to iZone. I can’t remember how recently, but it’s recent enough that I am still adjusting to the fact. I tried cheating, looking up this info on Facebook and LinkedIn, but no updates there yet.

If you don’t know Angela then I guess you’re not a part of the marketing world in Croatia. If you want to catch her on camera, you either have to be really loud and persuasive or be patient for a minute or two while she reaches for her phone. Or just trick her by sending her a message to check.

Hi guys, I don’t know you but you seemed so passionate about table football that I couldn’t resist snapping this. Good luck in the Žuja Table Football league!

If you’re having trouble reading time from the watch, it says it’s “lunchtime”. On a regular day in the office, and even on my weekends, lunchtime is usually around noon. So when I got to lunch that saturday at 3 pm, I was just hoping that the waiter brings a really really big dish.

Minis are my weakness. I cannot walk past one while having a camera with me, and not take a picture. Most of the time I try not to capture license plates, but then I end up with weird cut pictures. Hey Fujifilm, you have face and eye detection built into your X-series cameras, how about offering a setting to blur out license plates as a part of your Kaizen?

In our 35-people agency, there’s an opinion that these two are the nicest of guys. Like it’s a head to head battle and the winner isn’t clear. Ivan on the left and Matko on the right. I’m not biased one bit — Matko is clearly half a step ahead.

Freelancers, agency people and even psychologists from Porche gather round in the lounge for a panel discussion on topic of love and hate between freelancers and agency people. With free beer.

Vedran Klemens is a highly regarded freelance illustrator that was a part of the panel. My favorite bit was when he got asked if, as a freelancer, he ever outsourced a different freelancer to do his work for him.

Lara has been an independent professional for most of her career. I guess that means she gets to do what she loves most of the time. It’s great to finally put a face to the name, after we exchanged like a hundreed emails in the past couple of weeks, coordinating content and schedule for the festivals mobile app.

This is one of the finest copywriting brains Croatia has to offer (wearing a funny mask). Always a source of good humour.

Tom Theys kicked off the second day of presentations and boy did he have cool campaigns to show. Tom, thanks for the insights on how to influence behavioral change. With your presentation you just influenced a behavioral change in me.

Every time I see Dunja, I see her like this.

Iva is one of the most energetic people I know, and I know of. I literally can’t track how fast she moves on the market.

Drakalski made an impact with a completely interactive presentation using Meetoo and knows much more about the auditorium than any of the other speakers. He knows how many are in relationships, how many had sex the night before and even how many are open to cheating. But has no idea how many lied in the polls.

I find M so beautiful, yet I can’t always shoot her from the front because she won’t let me. I’m going to have a thousand photos like this, from different locations.

This is not a shot of the sunset in front of the Lone hotel in Rovinj. This is a shot of a passionate visual artist Tomi Waters shooting a sunset in front of the Lone hotel in Rovinj. Thats my rationalisation for the B&W. Did not know him when I took this shot, and now we’re Facebook friends and he set this as his FB cover photo. That’s proper flattery.

Thanks for going through these. They were all taken with an Fujifilm X-Pro2 and XF 23mm 1.4 R during an annual marketing festival in Croatia called Dani Komunikacija. There is so few of them because I was lazy to shoot more and trying not to be up everyone’s face.

They’re all in Acros+G simulation straight out of the camera. I’m challenging myself in the ways of old (yes that is a Taniks reference) — there will be no cropping, no straightening, no sharpening or editing of any kind—because writing captions is hard work as it is, I don’t need the burden of image editing as well. Plus they’re all 24 megapixels and that’s my lucky number so why would I crop out megapixels.