Because it’s not the role of universities and Computer Science departments to teach a vocation or…
Richard Kenneth Eng

Richard Kenneth Eng, I raised an eyebrow when you wrote “I hope other schools are not as misguided as Stanford.”

David Ungar worked with David Patterson at UC Berkeley on a high performance Smalltalk system (Smalltalk on a RISC) based on Berkeley RISC. David Ungar subsequently went to Stanford as a professor and was instrumental in developing the Self language while at Stanford. David’s 1987 OOPSLA paper was selected as one of the most influential papers presented between 1986 to 1996.

Smalltalk is a class based language. Self is a prototype based language. JavaScript is a prototype based language.

JavaScript at its most fundamental is a set of slots with one hidden slot called a prototype, very similar to Self. You cannot get much simpler.

It is unfortunate that the simplicity of JavaScript is seemingly obscured along with its ties to prototype-based programming and therefore Self and Stanford.

Stanford will continue, I believe, to be years ahead of the rest of the World.

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