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Understanding who your customers are is one of the most pressing digital business challenges today. It’s essential for building the connected, personalized experiences that will propel businesses in the near- and long-term, but it can be extremely difficult to get a clear picture of who your customers — potential, new, and returning — really are.

Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of web traffic — as much as 97% per research done by Marketo — is unauthenticated. That means most users to a website are “unknown” or “anonymous” users, which is a problem for companies who spend a lot…

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Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are quickly becoming an essential tool in an organization’s arsenal, providing a central hub for all their customer data, but they aren’t the only tool modern organizations need. Even though the CDP gathers data in one spot, the insights drawn from that data remain siloed without additional tooling. To get the most out of a CDP, you need an analytics destination capable of taking all that data and parsing out the business-relevant information — you need a business analytics and intelligence solution.

The most common solutions available right now present two key problems for businesses looking…

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Customer Data Platforms are more than just databases. They offer immense flexibility for almost all data use-cases.

Data is on everyone’s minds these days. From retailers looking to find new ways to connect the dots on customer experience to enterprise organizations looking to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency, data is viewed as the magic key to unlocking a more prosperous future for all. But data alone won’t help, it’s the insights found within the data that will — and those can be extremely difficult to parse out.

For most organizations, access to data isn’t the issue anymore. The issue is having too much data and being uncertain about what to do with it all. That’s where a…

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The notion that Omdena, an online collaborative platform, is only suited for certain groups of enthusiasts is untrue, as it offers a place for nearly everyone to contribute, with the only prerequisite being passionate for the field.

In this article, we’re delighted to share some first-hand perspectives from startup professionals who’ve participated in past Omdena challenges. Erick Galinkin, Sai Praveen and Daniel Ma offer their takes in Q&A format on what’s it’s like to collaborate with others in challenges coming from a startup background including drawing similarities between the two working environments.

Enjoy! And If you’re interested in applying to…

Creating an algorithm to find the fastest way to reach a safe place in case of an emergency.

This piece closely follows Angelo Antonio Manzatto’s article on predicting sexual harassment by generating a heatmap of safe and unsafe spots.

If you haven’t seen this one or like to have a refresher on what the first part of the AI challenge is about, I’d advise you to check it out! The gist of it is that we’re able to predict locations that are of higher risk of sexual harassment using convolutional neural networks (specifically, the ST-ResNet framework).

With much of the leg work completed with the heatmap, we still face part two of the challenge, which was to address…

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