Meteor Meets GraphQL
Arunoda Susiripala

I’m very grateful for all the work you’ve put in to support the Meteor developer community, Arunoda Susiripala!

I was wondering, though, whether you plan to eventually make this project front-end agnostic at some point (instead of leading users to only walk down the React JS path). You mentioned that you could support Angular (V1?) as well as React; would users be able to drop in other front-end frameworks like Aurelia as well?

(If you’re not familiar with Aurelia, see for one method of integrating Aurelia with Meteor, or visit the Aurelia home page here:

For those of us who are not necessarily interested in diving into a Domain Specific Language variant of Javascript (like Facebook has constructed with their JSX syntax), an option like Aurelia that leverages the new features of Javascript coming from ES2015/ES6 (as well as some ES7 features), Aurelia looks like a pretty good alternative to React – especially when you compare the performance of Aurelia and React…

Spoiler: Aurelia outperforms React.

  • See
  • And for the implementation of the performance test, see here:
  • Or for a comparison of React and (an earlier version of) Aurelia, see

To sum up, I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on using your new solution “Mantra”, Meteor, and GraphQL with alternative view layers to React, such as Aurelia?

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