Should schools start adding life skills to their Education ? Many people may argue that it is all on the parents to teach their kids about life and ways to get through life. An article on, states that an average a teenager will spend at least 7 hours at school. If you add up the hours they spend mostly half the time with school and the other half either asleep, doing a hobby, or going out. It is rare for a teenager to spend half their time with a parent and sit down and talk about life skills simply because either the parent or the student are busy.

It is best for both the school and the teachers to try and teach their students life skills because the hours divided that they see a teenager per day are nearly equal to each other. It is obviously the parents responsibility to teach them these life skills such as paying taxes, building credit, managing money, building a resume, etc. but it’s hard when parents are constantly working or the teens are constantly at school. Both the school staff and the family at home should try their best to prepare them for the real world to make them successful.

Not only am I saying teachers should be involved in teaching teenagers this but so should counselors, principals, and high school sports coaches. Personally I have had a baseball coach that has taught me more about real life experiences than teachers or anyone else did. The thing with that was that he had to find a way to coach the sport and teach more than twenty of us these lessons which is a bit difficult for him. Coaches have to find a way to teach you lessons at the same time they are showing you how to play the game of the sport you are playing whether it is baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, or basketball.

It will be way easier for the teachers to teach students these skills if it becomes mandatory for schools to have a class that will teach you all of this within a year before you graduate. It does not have to replace any other subjects people would find important like English, Math, Science, or History, but it can replace any electives that students take. More teens would be a lot more successful if this were to happen because they will feel more confident and not be afraid to feel like they will be failing in life. They will be able to handle each situation in life a lot better rather than being scared or not knowing what to do causing them to stress out a lot more than they should. It will just bring confident to them as they grow up to become mature adults.

With these classes being mandatory for schools students will attend more colleges, have better jobs, be able to buy better cars and/or a house as they grow up. Many do not attend college because they are scared of what it brings and they do not feel prepared so they feel like they just need a job. “Believe it or not, more people do not have a bachelor’s degree” (Morgan, Carol). If you are taught these life skills it will bring confidence to one’s life causing them to believe they will be more successful whether it is in the working industry or just in college. Learning to build a good resume will be super helpful because that’s what most jobs require that aren’t under the table. Those who do not know how to make a resume mostly end up working for a family member or friend and get paid illegally. This is not a good thing simply because it’s basically like they do not have a real job. Having both a college degree and a good resume will most likely give you a good paying job and if you know how to build your credit correctly you are pretty much set in life.

In general having life skill courses for teenagers in high school will bring a bunch of positivity around the world. I will keep a lot of people off the streets from doing any crimes or anything illegal. It will also bring in a bunch of confidence into one which will help them be more successful throughout life.

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