Best Genealogy Website for Your Family History Research in [2023]

If you want to know more about your family or your ancestors then genealogy search is one of the best ways to do this. Nowadays, there are so many best genealogy website over the world by using them you can easily search about your ancestors. Many people confused that which are the best genealogy sites they use to search their ancestors. That’s why today we bring some best genealogy websites for you so that you can easily find the right website. This article contains a list of 25 beginner-friendly websites to help you get started.

Best Family Tree Site For Building Your Family Tree

Below we have given all best genealogy sites, which are some paid and free family tree websites.

This subscription website is home to more than 11 billion old records, 100 million family trees and more than 15 million DNA profiles. You can check our Ancestry Academy and Ancestry YouTuber channel for beginner-friendly tutorials.

A budget-friendly version of Ancestry The core historical records collections are for the United States. So for those whose families have been in the United States for several generations, this is a good place to start.

The world’s best all-free genealogy website, with more than 7 billion global, name-searchable records and billions of additional ones to page through. The Catalog tab takes you to the most extensive genealogy library catalog in the world.

If you have roots in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales, consider subscribing to gain access to a wide range of information. Findmypast offers especially detailed geographic origins reports within Britain and Ireland.

If you have more recent immigrant origins or are especially interested in finding overseas cousins, consider subscribing to MyHeritage. This Israeli website is strongest for continental Europe, Scandinavian countries, and Jewish research.

Totally Free Genealogy Websites For DNA Tests

23andMe23andMe also has an enormous pool of DNA testers: over 10 million, making it a great place to look for DNA matches.

Ancestry DNA

Powerful tools help users compare their family trees with each other and figure out how they might be related.

Family Tree DNA

This DNA testing company offers more than the standard autosomal DNA test provided by others-customers can choose various levels of YDNA testing and DNA testing.

Living DNA

Best known for offering the most detailed breakdown for ancestral origins in Britain and Ireland.


Marketed widely in Europe, this DNA testing company may be a good option if you’re looking for DNA matches that may still live in your ancestral homeland.

Cyndi’s List

You’ll find lists of sites dedicated to researching particular places, types of records, ethnic and religious groups, and many more.

Under Free Resources, find downloadable forms, eBooks, cheat sheets, our podcast, and more. The cheat sheets can be especially helpful for beginners.


Google offers several genealogy-friendly tools. Translate helps you translate text and websites into or out of English. Google Books includes an online library of out-of-print resources such as local histories and compiled genealogies.



Genealogisthelp is an online technical service that provides services related to Genealogy Software. It is not affiliated with Mackiev or any other brand.

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Genealogisthelp is an online technical service that provides services related to Genealogy Software. It is not affiliated with Mackiev or any other brand.