Our humble path to growth

User experience

We’re branding and digital designers, so UX is a big deal for us. Our job is to create enjoyable and efficient products to empower and improve the lives of our clients’ customers. So while crafting interfaces and interactions for others, we realized we should also improve our own service design.


There’s a big gap between short term and long term optimization, mainly because networks and individuals have memory. If you play an infinite game (as markets are) the cumulative nature of most relationships, resources, and expenses makes it mandatory that you eventually optimize for the long run. You can’t burn people in a sustainable fashion. You can’t trick your way up without being remembered. Once a thing becomes a theme, doing good is good business as well.


As we get more opportunities for ourselves, we feel compelled to generate more opportunities for others. We like to say one of our dreams is to help clients fulfill their dreams, but we’ve come to understand our purpose must also impact nonprofit organizations, universities, our fellow designers and society in general. That’s what an ampersand (&) is all about: addition, inclusion, collaboration.

  1. An environment where individuals are appreciative of the number of factors contributing to each successful outcome has no place for toxic egos. Removing ourselves from the center of everything has proved to be not only humbling but also insanely motivating.
  2. Although, as humans, we have an evolutionary bias towards the negative stimulus, being intentionally conscious, sensitive and thankful for positive events gives us a whole new perspective on how to manage failure and deal with frustration; as we grow aware of the always present serendipity we give less importance to the inevitable adversity.



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