Protecting mountain gorillas

Daniel Takai
Dec 16, 2022

Gorillas are beautiful, resilient animals. But poaching and habitat destruction have pushed their populations to the brink of extinction.

That’s why we donate to protect these animals on a regular basis but it’s not coincidental that we named our company Silberrücken AG. We spent a part of our earnings towards protecting the planet, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is one of our beneficiaries.

In 2022 we adopted three Gorillas. Well, it’s not really an adoption, we send money and the charity honours our contribution by sending us some pictures. So here they are:

Pablo’s group in Kongo
I’m not sure if this Kabeho or Mubyeyi
Siblings Kabeho, meaning “long live,” and his sister Mubyeyi, meaning “mother,” were born one month apart in November and December of 2020.
14 year old Silverback Imfura of Pablo’s Group practicing Independence

If you can, please consider donating for nature. Thank you.



Daniel Takai

I'm a facilitator and system architect for sustainable design in software.