Wait, I’m Starting a Startup?

I just graduated with an economics degree and was set up to begin my economics masters in the fall. Somewhere along the way I got hooked on an idea, and it evolved into Shift Connections Inc. I decided to drop out of the masters, and pursue Shift full time. Today, after working almost two months non stop creating Shift, I often catch myself thinking “Wait, I’m starting a startup?” Being a cofounder of a tech company is the last place I ever expected to be. I always thought it was beyond my capabilities.

The idea behind Shift is simple: everyone deserves to connect with people that empower them, everyone deserves to voice their unique passions and ideas. In my own life I’ve realized that the people around me really impact me. As I’ve spent more time engaging with people that build me up, the self-doubting voice in my head has gotten quieter and quieter. These empowering relationships have helped me accomplish things I used to think I was incapable of. Shift is about creating human connections that push us beyond our boundaries.

We recently launched our website and first blog post Welcome to Shift, where we explain some details about the Shift connection platform, and why we’re creating it. Personal experiences have brought Alex, Blake and I together to create Shift, and we are aligned on two main beliefs.

First, we really believe we can bring human connection to people who currently find themselves to be stuck in isolation or struggle. We believe the Shift platform can become a place where people come to grow together, to teach and learn from one another. The platforms empowering, open-minded nature will ensure people can comfortably share and learn.

The second driving force is related to a personal shift in perspective. Throughout my life, I have often looked at other amazing people and felt discouraged. Bright minds used to always leave me feeling like I wasn’t capable of similar feats. Partially, I just didn’t think my IQ measured up.

In university I began to shift my mindset, and open up to the possibility that I was much more capable than I had come to believe. I began to realize that the talent and innate ability are not the major driving forces behind incredible feats: hard work and passion are. This personal shift in mindset was possible because of the genuine open conversations I’ve had with people. These interactions have helped me see things differently, elevating my growth.

The second reason I set out to create Shift is to challenge my assumption that hard work, passion, and dedication are more important than innate talent, in any setting. By setting out to found a startup without any technology back ground, I will aim to show people the amazing and creative outcomes that can result from passion and hard work.

Along the journey I will be using Medium to share my personal ups and downs. I will share my most triumphant moments, contrasting them with the moments where self-doubt takes over. I will write about details small and large, always aiming to share the what the inner process of creation feels and looks like.

My cofounding partners Blake and Alexander will do the same on their personal Medium accounts. Through these posts, we hope to share our process, and all the little experiences that goes along with leaving the comfort zone behind, and venturing off into the unknown.