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Overlooked Metrics

There are lots of recommendations on metrics that companies should measure to focus attention and resources. …

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The Agile Coaching Network is a twice a month panel style conference call with Agile coaches from around the world. The hour-long session is hosted by nuCognitve, and it covers a wide variety of topics that are based on actual questions asked by the coaching community. The question backlog is prioritized based on votes from the community. Here are a few of the questions from prior sessions:

  • My team has a trust issue. How can I fix this?
  • How do we get more executives to care about Agile?
  • How do you define value?
  • Tension in deploying Agile — start with values or practices? …

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As Lean Startup advocate and coach for product teams inside a Fortune 100 company, I had the opportunity to experiment with several approaches to accelerate innovation and grow an intrapreneurial culture. This post contains a few of the innovation enablers that I and my teammates have discovered over the years. If you are a Lean Startup advocate, intrapreneur, or change agent inside a large enterprise, I hope you find these ideas helpful your own work. Please let us know.


My first experience applying Lean Thinking outside the realm of manufacturing began in 2007, when I helped lead the transformation of a large service organization (~800 people). Many of the Lean tools and countermeasures that worked well in manufacturing had to be adapted to fit with the new service context, but the fundamental principles were broadly applicable. A few years later, I was thrilled when Erik Reis wrote The Lean Startup, which combined ideas from Lean and Agile with another passion of mine, entrepreneurship. …


Daniel Walsh

nuCognitive & FiveWhyz co-founder: transformation consultant, coach, & solution eng — a passionate advocate for Lean, Agile, & complex adaptive system methods

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