Don’t give me that “my actions won’t make a difference”. Here’s why:

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Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

One of the most common excuses I hear for not worrying about climate change is “what difference does one out of 8 billion people make?” Or something along the lines of consumers making up a tiny proportion of carbon emissions yet 100 companies being responsible for 71%.

This is true.

I’ll say it again, the top 100 polluting companies make up 71% of all carbon emissions.

This makes a lot of people and their reusable water bottle feel useless, but please stick with me.

People read these kinds of statistics and think “what use is me turning my lights off, eating less meat and buying expensive hybrid cars when companies get away with stuff like this? …

These movies aren’t just for kids.

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Pixar Pier at DisneyLand California, photo by Daniela Araya on Unsplash

I have found plenty of ways to fill my time during this lockdown, one of which is to watch all 21 Pixar movies in order (not Onward because that’s not on Disney Plus yet).

Because why not?

I love Disney Pixar movies, they’re my favourite out of all the Disney movies.

Along with an entertaining story pretty much every Disney movie has an underlying message.

It’s a way of teaching children life lessons without them realising it. If they see their favourite fictional character doing something, they will likely follow suit.

It’s subconscious: they don’t sit and think of the meaning of a movie like adults might, but the things kids can learn from Disney Pixar movies are incredible (as you will see) which is why maybe watching movies shouldn’t be given such a bad rep. …

A cheap and easy solution. Here’s 7 reasons why we should do it.

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Image from Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

One of my favourite lockdown reads so far has been Wilding by Isabella Tree. It truly opened my eyes to the process of conservation and rewilding and the extremely positive effects it can have.

When we talk about reducing climate change or protecting species from extinction we often talk about using less paper, switching to renewable energy, driving less, using less plastic etc etc etc.

This however, isn’t enough. Simply slowing down our destruction of the planet and it’s ecosystems isn’t enough.

Millions of years of evolution and trial and error have created forests and jungles bursting with life and biodiversity. They provide home to millions of creatures and plants, have some of the healthiest soil in the world and store billions of tonnes of carbon. …

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Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash

Almost everybody nowadays is at least conscious of their environmental impact, and so they should be.

With deforestation happening at rapid speeds, changing weather patterns, mass extinction, melting ice caps and more natural disasters, just to name a few, there are plenty of reasons we should all lower our carbon footprint.

Companies have realised this and also know that they can capitalise off of it.

Introducing: green washing!

This is where companies give the illusion of being environmentally friendly; they might even actually be doing good for the environment but it’s often so you’ll buy their products and not due to genuine concern. …

Often, taking people’s word for things just isn’t enough

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth On Unsplash

Yesterday I found out that one of my close friends has a brain tumour.

Bet that wasn’t the opener you expected.

We don’t know if it’s malignant or not, but it’s just a scary, unpleasant place to be in.

It’s affected me quite a bit. He’s 17, healthy, didn’t smoke or drink excessively.

It’s a horrible way for me to learn that at any moment your life can completely change for the worse, no matter how low-risk you are.

I’ve heard so many times “treat each day like it’s your last”, “tell your friends you love them”, “life’s too short” and I’ve listened to them to an extent, but it’s only when something like this happens that you truly understand it. …

This search engine plant trees for free. Yes- for free.

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Own photo of the trees and scenery of South Wales

A new search engine (google, bing etc) that’s good for the planet!

I’ve been using Ecosia for a couple of years now and have planted dozens of trees completely free, supporting local communities and wildlife while purifying air and slowing the rate of global warming.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should use Ecosia rather than putting more money in Google’s pocket.

1) Ecosia plants trees!

For every 45 searches (on average) Ecosia will plant a tree, it’s that simple.

How does it do this? Well normally with search engines they display small advertisements at the top, sides and bottom of your results; the advertiser pays the search engine money to put those there and the search engine makes lots and lots of money. …

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Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels

As an 18 year old I know first hand how much of a divide there is between the younger (up to 25ish) and older generations. We’re very different.

With this comes a slight disrespect or disregard towards the younger generation from those who believe they are wiser because they’ve been round the sun a few more times that me.

Here’s a few things, we’d all love you to know.

We’re actually being more sociable than ever

We’re sick of hearing:

“These kids spend all day on their phones”

“They never go outside, always indoors on the internet”

“Life was so much better when all we had was an old football and a chalk to draw hopscotch on the pavement…

And how you can avoid this mistake

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Photo by cottonbro on pexels

I suck at productivity.

If someone pointed a gun to my head and told me to do an hour of uninterrupted productive work, tell my family I loved them.

I just get so easily distracted, I have a short attention span and lack of self control; my brain would much prefer to sit and watch Netflix rather than do something that actually uses my brain.

So during this lockdown, all of my A level exams have been cancelled and I’m not going to uni in September and so I have nothing I have to do.

For that reason I decided to pick up some new skills. …

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Photo by Hayley Catherine on Unsplash

Who can relate?

  • Getting out of bed 4 hours later than usual.
  • Doing nothing productive with your days.
  • Endless scrolling through social media, you want to get off, but you feel as though you can’t.
  • Significantly less exercise than pre-corona
  • Not eating as healthily, maybe gaining a bit of weight

And it doesn’t feel too great.

What’s making it much worse, however, is people on the internet feeling the need to share their new and improved quarantine lifestyle: waking up at 5am and running 10 kilometres, then practicing yoga and martial arts before cooking a beautiful low-calorie vegan breakfast, working hard, avoiding their phone, working out again before treating themselves to a wafer-thin slice of homemade banana bread. …

Not everything in your life will be completely smooth sailing, but that shouldn’t stop you from crossing oceans.

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Own photo, it has no relevance to the story whatsoever I just thought it looked cool

Recent events (the virus) have caused quite a big change to a lot of people’s lives.

I, for example, had my last year of Sixth Form (high school for you Americans) cut short. It has also been my lifelong goal to be an airline pilot and I was in the final stages of application to a course which has now unfortunately been cancelled; the aviation industry has come to a standstill pretty much in Europe and so there is definitely no demand for pilots at the minute.

The aviation industry is a good example of an industry that didn’t prepare for something like this. …


Daniel Whitlock

Particularly interested in Aviation, but I also write about Physics, Biology, saving the planet and other interesting science/ maths based topics.

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