Living in a vector space, how people are just like vectors.

People can have direction, most do for sure, a place they are headed or hope to be in the future. Only recently did I consider that people might have a magnitude associated with this direction. Everyone is constantly moving and changing but some might just be moving and changing with a greater force than others. This makes me think of the person as a vector.

Vectors have direction and magnitude and can live in any space from one to one thousand dimensions. While it can seem hard for a person to have direction like a vector in a simple two dimensional space, imagine that our personal vectors exist in infinitely dimensional spaces where each axis can be a simple emotional characteristic, one of the many that make up who we are. It could also be understood that these vectors are constantly changing, almost in reaction to other vectors as it is other people who influence us the most.

The other characteristic to address is the magnitude of someone’s direction. Technically it could be possible for two people to have the same direction but at different magnitudes, how would this seem in real life? I would imagine these two people would share the same interests, so much so that it was odd, but their difference would be in how they expressed it. Imagining a person with greater magnitude immediately points me to feelings like excitement and passion. Maybe this person of higher magnitude would rearrange their life to a more lopsided balance in respect to wherever their direction pointed. But how does the other personal vector make up for this? It can’t really be said that they are somehow less of a person just because of their lesser magnitude. Perhaps we are only seeing the accumulation of very many individual unit vectors that make up a person, summed into one total vector. This could lead to the possibility that two people with very different individual vectors could have the same net vectors and essentially be the same person, while they are truly very different.

Another application to consider is how two vectors can influence each other in a relationship. How do two vectors, in the same neighborhood yet distinctly different, learn to respect and coexist with each other? Honoring the good and acknowledging the bad while holding their course and not collapsing into one another. If their magnitudes are too different, one vector might be pulled into the other like a planet being pulled into the sun. Where should they be? Intertwined like grape vines or still standing strong in their position with respect to each other? Perhaps one vector is overthinking things and needs to follow its own course or the course that will bring it to its true magnitude, only then can it be sure of its foundation while being with the other.