Daniel T.

In our daily life we are facing stressful and time consuming situations which are connected at the end of the story with movement of money. We have to daily register our working time, to prepare complicated and detailed timesheets to explain our work, to get them approved and send them to HR department. Later on, we are have to check and to refresh plenty of times our bank account to see if what has been approved is actually there… if not, additional discussions will start.

Also, we have to pay bills for utilities and other services. All of them are subject of penalties for delays and huge fees.

These are only 2 examples of how we spend our valuable time. A real nightmare which is repeating at least on monthly basis.

What if we can control both above situation by using block chain technology? Everything will be completely traceable and no subject of discussions. Remuneration will be transferred almost immediately with minimum fess and limited risk of delays and penalties. All of this will be done on daily basis, with no need to keep separate evidences and/or alarms. When a day or a task is completed and validated, the full payment cycle is immediately started and faster completed.

This is Workchain: https://workchain.io/ t.me/workchainio
BE part of this amazing project and get early benefits/ bounties of it: https://workchain.io/registration?code=danieledward:b0dvdsgOkV

Payroll activities shall be on blokchain by usage of crypto-currencies!!!! The future is about momentum, about full flexibility to work and to spend wherever you like.

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