The idea to make a plane out of the mere sight of a bird, may look and sound stupid, then i realised being yourself can spark something great in someone else. Guess what; the Bird was just FLYING. Hence one of the worlds greatest inventions.

Stories about how and what inspired them to invent a ✈ may differ, but what i seek to put across is the fact that something smaller than the invention; precipitated the whole show. Africa has failed to create an environment for people to learn from little things. The show in Africa; Ghana to be precise, is stolen by those who acquire these inventions after many years of its discovery. They leave behind not a little single trace as the bird did, in my earlier submission. What may hurt the most is, the dark clouds of our time: The world is coming to and end. Will there be time for the few one’s willing to make a change?

As much as am scared it will never happen, I know the future is bright. Some how we redirected our frustration, pain, the zeal to get there and the applauds we hear that has nothing to do with victory but rather ; some patriotic prayerful men & women keep my hopes alive. If only the youth could get out of the pool of stagnant ideas without innovation and not believing in the idea of working for money, perhaps my hopes will rise higher.

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