Our New Look; Why it was Time for a Re-brand

Did you see our new look? Here’s the scoop on our simplistic and elegant re-branding:

In July 2016, OMC Inc. acquired the Evercontact team and technologies in a complex merger spanning two continents. Evercontact came with 8+ years of operation, an established brand, and a loyal user base; our intention with this redesign was to maintain this legacy while updating our the brand aesthetic to reflect our expanded vision for the product.

Altering the identity of an established brand can be risky business; fears of alienating existing users, disrupting reputation, and wasting resources are valid. However, as our Designer Joan Gonzalez emphatically notes, if timed well, the pros can far outweigh the potential cons:
 “We’ve lived with Evercontact long enough to have solidified how we see it; now I want our users to see it that way too. Think of it as pushing our aesthetic identity forward while maintaining the valuable legacy Evercontact has built over the years.”

To that note, doubling down on our name and accompanying color scheme while changing the logo and website makes this more of a tweak than a full-out makeover. A delicate balance between familiarity and evolution delivers a clear message: we’re still Evercontact, but we’re better. And we will only continue to improve.

At its core, our service is straightforward: Evercontact scans your incoming emails to automatically update your contact information; all you do is “set it and forget it.” Our new website design honors this simplicity as does our new logo, a unique symbol capturing our efficient and continuous behind-the-scenes action.

In a way, this change is proactive; an opportunity to shape our vision of the future. Articles on rebranding all sing the same old song: such transformations are vital in establishing company culture and values. As a company predicated in organization, time-saving, and online privacy, our appearance needed to evolve to match those ideals.

As Joan puts it, “We’re proud of our product. The updated website and branded are designed with simplicity in mind. We want to make your lives easier. And now our website is more reflective of that core value.”

As we continue to grow, no stone will be left unturned in our efforts to improve the Evercontact experience for our users. We’ve come a long way in that regard, but more exciting — and far more important — is where we’re going.

Originally published at Blog | evercontact.