Music Lesson 1 — The First time I Had Sex

JCole needs no introduction to any hip hop lover. He has a killer flow and mad beats but most of all he is a badass story teller and wordsmith. One of my favourite examples of this is his song ‘Wet Dreams’ of his ‘Forrest Hills Drive’ album that came out in 2014.

It is a fresh old school beat with a killer story over the top about his first time having sex and ever since I heard this song it has always thrown me back to my first time having sex.

Favourite verse from the the track:
“She wrote a note that said “have you ever had sex before”I wrote back and said “of course I had sex before” Knowing I was frontin’ I said I was like a pro baby, Knowing I was stuntin’ But if I told the truth I knew I’d get played out son, Hadn’t been in pussy since the day I came out one”

Check out the track as well as the video version of this Music Lessons.

Now I am going to save you the details and keep it classy. I have put a lot of pressure on myself in a range of different areas of my life over the years, but non like the pressure of satisfying ‘her’ and not only to satisfy, but just to be seen as ‘experienced’ whatever that means at 15 years old.

I was lucky enough I think to have very open parents who one day left an educational sex video out and made it clear that I had the house to myself for several hours as they went to dinner. I have since found out this was in fact an intentional move on their part, but that is another story. I just remember being grateful for having any guidance on what the hell to do even if that guidance came from some very graphic 70’s porn with a voiceover giving a play by play on what is happening on screen.

Now I look back on it, I find it fascinating that we put so much pressure on ourselves and others at that age to be experienced at something we have had no experience in. This was a lesson I have actually been able to take into other areas of my life. And that lesson is be ok at being shit when you first try something. You are not meant experienced at anything when you have no experience, so be ok to take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the process. haha

Check out the Official Jcole Video Clip here.

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