Getting Out of a “Rut”

I woke up this morning feeling frustrated. Angry even.

I’m not happy with a few things in my life at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some good stuff going on. Actually, there is some great stuff going on. But, there are a handful of things that are important to me — that I becoming VERY frustrated with.

I can’t seem to make a break through in these areas. And it’s making me feel crap about myself and life in general.

I laid in bed this morning thinking about them. Getting more frustrated. Getting more angry.

I eventually got up and just decided to write.

Simply write about how I was feeling. What wasn’t happening. Why. What I wanted to happen. How I wanted to be. How I can make it happen. Just working through them like problems.

I gave myself permission to ramble and rant. No one was going to read this but me, so I just let loose. I blew off a bit of steam. I made sure to switch from rant to productive thoughts and actions.

I created a section at the bottom of the document and called it ‘Decisions’.

When I was done writing about each thing, I jotted down what the decision was. How I would break out of the rut and what I needed to commit to.

Half an hour later, I was at 1264 words.

I’d written about 7–8 things in my life, which generated 13 items in the decision list.

It felt amazing.

Blowing off the steam felt good. I beat myself up a bit, but made sure to close off each mini-rant with one or two good solid decisions to move myself towards where I wanted to be.

Now what?

I’ve picked three things to focus on in the short-term (net 30 days):

  1. no alcohol
  2. strict paleo
  3. limber 11 each morning.

I am also going to look at the decision list a couple of times week, just to keep me connected to them.

If you’re feeling in a rut and are frustrated with some things in your life, give the above a try.

Take an hour to just dump your thoughts. Beat yourself up a bit. Let go of the frustration and anger. Make a decision list.

Then just pick the most important one or two things to focus on. And commit.

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