The Best of What I am Reading, Watching and Listening to — Work / Life Balance & Unicorns (Nov 13)

I like to think I have a knack for finding great content. Each Friday I pull together the best stuff I’m reading, watching and listening too.

I haven’t done as much reading as I would have liked this week — so just a couple of recommendations. I have quite a few juicy ones saved to pocket though, so expect more over the coming weeks.

Answering Your Questions on Work-Life Balance by Richard Branson. Great views on work-life balance. This has always been the thing that stood out about Richard Branson for me. He seems to get so much done, whilst enjoying the heck out of life.

RECONSIDER by David Heinemeier Hansson — DHH (Founder & CTO at Basecamp). This is pure gold. A breathe of fresh air, that resonated with me greatly. It’s all about being a disrupter, joining the Unicorn club and getting that fuck-you money right? Or is it? Maybe a dent in the universe is plenty?

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