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How a type system brings speed and novelty to the drug discovery pipeline

Debrief from a Vaticle Community talk — featuring David Dylus, Scientist, Systems Biology, at Roche. This talk was delivered virtually at Orbit 2021 in April.

Central to drug discovery is the search for targets that are important in disease mechanisms. However, currently, all known targets have been slowly tried and tested. In this project, David and his team designed a rule system to infer and find hidden connections between targets and diseases.

Using Open Source technologies to Improve Doctor-Patient Engagement

Debrief from a Grakn Community talk — featuring Alessia Basadonne, executive PHD candidate from University of Pavia and Medas Italy. This talk was delivered live at Grakn Cosmos 2020 in London, UK.

From when I was very very little, I always dreamed of developing crazy ideas and making them a reality.

Alessia’s current work is in developing a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). This isn’t a new concept as she highlights, but one with a lot of opportunity for improvements and developments. So…

What’s the Problem these Systems Help to Solve?

How long does a patient spend with a doctor, on average?

With the exception of countries that…

Where the Grakn Community comes alive!

It’s free, it’s online, it’s your chance to hear and see what the community is building with Grakn.

Grakn Orbit 2021 is our chance to celebrate; our chance to provide the community a platform to showcase the applications, projects, solutions and stories created over the last year.

Live on April 21st and 22nd, 2021, the event will feature technical talks, panels, exclusive community content, learning resources and more. This is your chance to connect with some of the leaders, builders and innovators that are shaping their industries through knowledge engineering.

As an added bonus, we’re also hosting a Grakn Academy Day on Friday, April 23rd, for all those who register for Grakn…

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Back in February, when we could all gather safely still, Grakn Cosmos, Grakn Labs’ first global user conference, hit London; and Paul Agapow, Health Informatics Director at AstraZeneca, spoke about his team’s work in building a social graph to reduce time and financial resources when recruiting for clinical trials.

…this is a first step in it, for us to develop expertise to explore, to see where we can go — we are people with problems to solve.

The Valley of Death

Don’t Worry There’s a Happy Ending

Drug development is an incredibly difficult, protracted, and expensive process. …

SPOT robot at TNO’s research facilities, NL. Used with Permission.
SPOT robot at TNO’s research facilities, NL. Used with Permission.
SPOT robot at TNO’s research facilities, NL. Used with Permission.

Earlier this month, we were joined by Joris Sijs, Lead Scientist at TNO on the second series of Grakn Orbit.

TNO is the national research association in the Netherlands, where Joris and his team look to combine robotics and artificial intelligence.

They first started working with Grakn about two years ago. Up to that point, there was no suitable database for robotics that could accurately represent the real world. This is essential in autonomous systems that need to perform tasks and make decisions within a real world environment. …

Debrief from AstraZeneca’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this month, we were joined by Natalie Kurbatova, Associate Principle Scientist at AstraZeneca on the first series of Grakn Orbit.

Natalie works in AstraZeneca’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence department, where she focuses on data modelling, integration of data into a knowledge graph, prediction algorithms, and the topics therein.

The Goal: Predict novel disease targets

At AstraZeneca, Natalie’s team focuses on building a Knowledge Graph to predict new disease targets (gene or protein targets), which they call a Discovery Graph. In building this, Natalie walked us through the two types of data sources to consider:

Structured data refers to the publicly available datasets in bioinformatics…

Grakn Swag

Grakn’s got what you need.

Our community has grown so much in 2020 and as we haven’t been able to host physical events, we haven’t been able to share our love [read: swag] with you all. We know, it hurts.

Well, that changes today. We’ve put together a handful of ways for you to earn some Grakn swag , they’re pretty easy — you may have even checked off some of the boxes already! Simply complete one or more sets below and we’ll send you some fresh new swag.

Swag Pack 1 | Be a part of something bigger than yourself

This is the first step, a simple way to earn some swag and also make sure…

New Day. New Dragon to Slay.

Tracking down a nasty dependency conflict can feel a bit like going on an epic quest to slay some distant dragon, you are constantly reminded of its presence whether you are 1000 lines away or right on top of it. Last week Ganesh, our knight, was tracking down a particularly vile one. Yet, Ganesh has a secret weapon — Grakn. Using bazel to list out all dependencies, importing them into a Grakn graph, and then using a simple rule and a few queries, he was able to massively speed up the search, all in a couple of hours!

Upcoming [online] Events

Grakn Academy…

Turning the Page on the Grakn Labs Community

:: Grakn is a database technology that serves as the knowledge base foundation to intelligent systems. Grakn allows intelligent systems to interpret complex datasets as a single body of knowledge that can be logically reasoned over. Learn more @ ::

In the lead up to Grakn Cosmos 2020 we took a look at our community, where had we come from, what did we want to see in the future, and what was needed from the platforms we incorporated.

Slack has been our home for the last 3+ years. It served its purpose. Allowed the team to engage with the community in a more direct way and provided a platform that new community members could join and collaborate with others. …

Daniel Crowe

Small Pieces Loosely Joined | Global Community and Partnerships Manager @ Vaticle

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