Daniel Greer: Active in the Efforts to Save the Rigermans

In 1970, Daniel Greer led the effort to save the Rigerman family — Esther and Leonid — from persecution in the Soviet Union. Leonid Rigerman was seized by Soviet Union police several times because of his jumbled citizenship status, which he had to prove was for the United States by going to the US Embassy in Moscow. The Rigermans were prevented from doing so, however. Greer has long been involved in the betterment of the Jewish community around him by assisting in the causes of the Yeshiva of New Haven.

Daniel Greer worked with the US government to help negotiate the Rigermans release to the United States, where they were full citizens. Greer’s efforts led to the proof of their citizenship and their return to their home in America in 1971.

Greer is a leader in the Yeshiva of New Haven, and his contribution to his neighborhood, not only the Jewish community there, has created opportunities for everyone to be safe and have room to grow.

Daniel Greer earned the right to perform the invocation at the New Haven Mayor John Daniels’ inauguration event for his service to his community. Greer is also credited with the addition of the Gan School to the neighborhood, a bastion of learning and community activism.