I recently had the opportunity to meet with the team from MedScape/WebMD to discuss some of the technologies that have the opportunity to impact the current age and future of pediatrics.

I trained in Boston in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the MGH and Boston Children’s Hospital, and in my role chairing Exponential Medicine (next being held this Oct 8–11) and the Medicine side of Singularity University, explore the convergence of technology and its potential to reshape health and biomedicine. …

I’ve just returned from giving a keynote (fun infographic summarizing my content below) at the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit. A great meeting of the minds in San Diego- whose theme was ‘Convergence’. The opening keynote was by Dr. Eric Topol, who brilliantly illuminated the emerging and more empowered role of the consumer and patient.

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The WLSA is only 10 years old… but has already outgrown its name… wireless (the old term for radio), which has shifted in the health realm to often being called mobile, digital, or connected health and medicine. …

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